2019 Frantoio Olio Nuovo evoo
$ 13.50

Olio Nuovo is the freshest form of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This special unfiltered olive oil is only available as a limited release. Olio Nuovo contains fine pieces of olives that do not filter out during the initial milling process but add vibrancy and richness to the appearance, texture, and taste of the oil. Store in a cool place away from light and heat. Shake gently before use. 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Use by April 2020

Frantoio is an Italian olive cultivar. Sweet ripe olive on the nose with a buttery palate and predominantly vegetal flavor profile of celery leaf, chicory, and radicchio. The aggressive and lingering peppery finish makes this a great addition to bold dishes --- use to finish soups, stews, risottos, or drizzle generously over braised lamb with roasted artichokes.