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You can be the best cook you know by following a handful of “new rules” in the kitchen. Use herbs as greens, not garnish. Stop stirring your polenta. Create creaminess without cream. Super-starch your pasta. Use less liquid for more flavor. Cook fish on one side only. Use baking powder in frittatas. Don’t purée your pesto!

These simple, transformational principles will change the way you cook whether it’s Pasta with Sweet Corn, Tomatoes and Basil or Pan-Seared Salmon with Red Chili-Walnut Sauce or a Vietnamese Chicken Salad. With over 190 recipes and 75 New Rules for how to cook, your cooking will go from good to great. It will also be easier – less time and less prep – since the big, bold flavors of this new approach to cooking requires less time and technique to develop flavors.